We Tried Korean Sheet Masks Every Day For A Week, And This Is What Happened
Would you make a habit out of daily sheet masking? Why or why not?Yes! I have a really stressful job, and those 20 extra minutes I spent on myself calmed my nerves and made me feel like I’m not neglecting “me.” Plus, it did more than relax me—it improved my skin, too! It’s really hitting two birds with one stone—erm—mask.

Leaders Insolution: New Favorite Masks Perfect for Dry Skin
I have to say that Leaders Masks helped my skin a lot. (super life saver nitong mga masks na ito I swear) My regular use of their masks truly replenished lost moisture and elasticity on my skin.

Unique Find: Leaders Insolution The Gold 24 Secret Mask
The most recent visit, I didn't even get the chance to open my mouth to ask when the SA happily exclaimed: "We have something new! You have to try it!" And so I did!

7 Quick Fixes for Dry Hair
Color-treated hair is in dire need of moisture and nourishment because of the chemicals used to alter its hue. This mask is specially made for dyed locks, and does a great job of bringing back bounce and softness.

Leaders Insolution Launch
Leaders, according to Ms. Andrea Amado of AGC Group, is a professional cosmeceutical brand aimed to target specific skin concerns using the purest of ingredients from nature, turning it into top of the line skin care products that saves you from your regular visits to your dermatologist. They come with natural preservatives and are derived from plant extracts. Leaders' are paraben-free making it safe even for users with the most sensitive skin.

Leaders Insolution Hydrogel Eye Therapy Patch Review
Now, after use, the undereye area looked refreshed, hydrated and definitely less dry! I still have 2 patches left to use and I will definitely repurchase because I need all the help I can get for my eye area!

Leaders Insolution Aquaringer Products
True that during this time your skin moisturizer should be thicker and it should boost skin hydration. That's why I choose Leaders Insolution Aquaringer.

Leaders Insolution Pure Deep Cleansing Oil Review
The Leaders Pure Deep Cleansing Oil is pricier than other brands, but consider the fact that they use all-natural ingredients and are free from harmful chemicals making this my recommended Cleansing Oil for those with extremely sensitive skin!

What I do when I feel like my skin looks dull, tired or is about to break out is I cut open one of these LEADERS INSOLUTION Coconut Bio Masks (P148.00 per sheet) and then leave it on for about 30 minutes.

Leaders Insolution: Top 5 Masks That Are Worth A Try
Wearing facial masks now has been an indulgent treat to my ever troubled skin. My favorite brand is Leaders Insolution from Korea. I know I have shared this brand time and again in this blog but what I love about them is the fact that they have no parabens in their products and they use natural preservatives.

Leaders Insolution First Ampoule Mask
So this mask helped me in getting rid of a dry spot at the center of my forehead. Hurry! Some of the dry spots on the sides of my ears survived the challenge though. I'll definitely use the rest of the sheets soon to get rid of all the dry spots that I have on my face.

If You Need An Instant Whitening Boost...
Try Leaders Insolution Premium Care line particularly the Bio Medi-Curing Mask in White Dressing! I have been out and under the sun for the past 3 months waiting for Kyle Nash in school. I find myself forgetting sunscreen at times so I have this uneven spots around my face and body! For the body, I am going back to using Lightening soaps while my face is extremely sensitive to use whitening products, I went for the safer route, my favorite Face Mask route.



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